Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Dr. Maura Isles' world changed all of a sudden when she found out that the woman who was murdered right in front of her house resembled her in every possible ways. The mystery intensified when she learned that the deceased was none other than her twin sister.  The  cop Jane Rizzoli who was brave, determined and also pregnant was in charge of the investigation. As the story progressed, the duo they had to face a series of blood cuddling events. As deep as they dug, they encountered   not only Dr. Isles' mysterious past but also a her murky identity as a daughter. The suspense was  chilling and you could see it all through the story.

I was really getting butterflies in my stomach after reading it. Ms Gerristen was really vivid in her craft and her grip on each expression could give you a clear imagination which scared the life out of me. Definitely, it was a good read and fulfilled all my criteria in my 'Strong heroine Challenge, 2011' category.