Monday, January 17, 2011

Contract Paternity (Delta Justice) by Jasmine Cresswell

I picked up this book from a second hand store without even realising that it was not a mystery but romance. Along with this book I have picked up three more which were an absolute mysteries and I have completed two of them in December. Hence, I could not come up with its reviews.

I might be a bit hasty with this book as I had selected 3 good mysteries.

' In the sultry Louisiana heat, a family dynasty of law and order is shattered by a mysterious crime of passion". This was the sentence that misled me.

I was too obsessed with the word ' mystery ' that I didn't take the other words for face value. While I was reading I was seriously looking for a chilling suspense but all my search was for naught. When I almost reached the middle of the story, I really felt as if I was reading a mills and boon. 

The setting was perfect for it. The woman and the man. Due to a torrential downpour she could not get to her  home and also could not find a motel to spend her night. Here comes our masculine hero with his helping hand. He offered her his bed in his apartment (in every sense). She was in a dilemma whether to accept it or not. Though she did not know what would happen we knew that she was going to accept it. 

In the apartment, everything  perfect, from upholstery to bed. Again the conflict, whether to make love or not (to be or not to be , sex(hysterical paralysis). They could not as somebody's intrusion ruined their privacy. Still I could not realize I was reading a romance. I understood only when I reached the last page.

But that should not keep me away from writing its summary.


Tony Delacroix was a famous jazz singer who also belonged to the famous Delacroix family. She was going to be thirty five and badly wanted to mother a baby and was in search  of a prospective father. Perfect timing...Brody Wagner, a successful lawyer bumped into her and he possessed everything what she was looking for in her baby's prospective father. But Brody wanted not only to be  a sperm donor but somebody more than that in Tony's life. But a mystery    ( was it a mystery?....I don't know) that was kept hidden in her family brought them too close. The mystery got solved with the help of  this dashing hunk Brody Wagner and they lived happily ever after....yea, yea they got married.

I would give 4/10 for this book.