Monday, January 31, 2011


I was actually looking for a legal thriller written by a female  with a female lead. I was really happy when I laid my hands on this book. 

Final Appeal really had a wonderful beginning. You would get the fast pace the moment you began the story. The story started when Grace Rossie, a divorcee and a single mother who accepted a part-time job with a federal appeals court as an assistant to the hot Chief Judge, Armen Gregorian. The real twist came when Armen was found dead in his office.Everyone but Grace believed it was a suicide. 

She could not for she was with him a few hours before his death and was making love to him passionately. Her hunch got confirmed when she got a note that was written by him, professing his love.A man could commit suicide right after confessing his love to somebody. Grace started off to find the real assassin. This is a story which would give you a lot in the beginning but nothing in the end. 

No fear was lurking in the darkness.There were so many characters which would not fit in or were not given many clarifications on why they were introduced in the story. Sadly, I never got butterflies in my stomach. There was little fear for the safety of the heroine as she encountered mostly favourable situations for her sleuthing...

But I want to read more Lisa Scottoline as I came across many good reviews for her other books....