Saturday, January 1, 2011

I love to read books. But for me it is not too easy to get all those new arrivals. I am a bibliophile who is not surrounded by bibliophiles. Hence, there is less chance of getting any books either as a gift or in exchange. The library nearby, is of little use for I've to wait for months to get a book I want. Because most of the best sellers are under reservation. But I have to read books. Hence I decided I would go to a second hand book nearby and get books . 

I like suspense, romance and fantasies. I'll write about the books I read and how I felt about it.
Regarding films, I've good access than books.

Though I love suspense. I'm starting with a romance " Mills and Boon". 
 "Mingled Hearts" by Vicki Lewis Thompson

I've just started reading it and will come up with a review very soon.

These are the 13 books I read in December, 2010.