Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My hands are full

There was a time when I was searching right, left and centre to read a book.I've already mentioned in my previous post that how I would fall short of books and how I managed to get some books. But today my hands are full. I liked this sudden and pleasant twist. My only worry was how I was going to read all those books.

I'm currently reading " Atlas shrugged" by Ayn Rand. My room mate gave this book. She was an elderly lady who was a retired professor.

" If you read this book, you will definitely be going after her other books." That's what she told me when she gave me this book. I think I am going to take this whole month to finish it as it has more than 1000 pages. 

Ayn Rand was famous for developing a philosophical system called " Objectivism". I googled for objectivism but could not grasp its essence. I hope I would get to know after going through the whole book. I am wishing myself a happy read for I was always scared  of such  intense topics.

I also wanted your suggestion on Dan Brown. I haven't read any of his books. Today I was watching " Angels and demons"and it seemed quite an enjoyable watch. But I did not complete watching it as I wanted to read the book first.

I have Angels and demons, Deception point and The lost symbol ebooks. But I do not know how far I can go with these novels in a pdf format. If I do not have any other option, I would definitely resort to ebooks.