Monday, April 18, 2011

I want to interview 'YOU'

It's been a year since I started this blog. Usually a year does not appear too long. But for me, it does. I  learnt a lot in this one year. The experience has been great. When I started this blog, little did I know that I would complete one year and that too with love and support in great deal from this blogging fraternity.I had grown a lot. I did not know how to post, in the begnning. I was too ignorant that I would start a new blog for each post. I went on creating blogs.I had about 15 blogs and I deleted them all. Hey! You learn from mistakes, right?

I did not start this blog as ' Passion Drops.' It was ' Shalet's Creative Impressionzz' before. It used to carry my works as a copy writer. You could see my captions and copies in the 'older post.' When I left my job, I had  nothing to flaunt. I liked that blog and I did not want to delete it. I kept it without any updation until I transformed into a blog for books. It was a wonderful experience. I post small reviews of the books I read. To be honest, I was not too greedy for followers for this blog for I knew it would take time. I was like a child who was enchanted with this book world and I was ready to take my own time. Now I have 14 buddies in my 'followers' widget – a pleasant surprise. Debra, me motivated with her comments.Kate, MedeiaSharif, list is endless...A big thank you to everyone. For the  first time in my life, I learned that my cup of tea is mysteries and thrillers and hope that there are lots to come.

As this is my first blogging anniversary, I would like to venture into something new. I want to interview the writers, aspiring writers and bloggers. Though it sounds  a bit clichéd, it is not so. I do not want to put the same questions to each and every one. I would take my own time to go through the blogs and frame questions according to it. It would be a great experience to be a part of the journey undertaken by my fellow bloggers. When I started this blog , I was an utter illiterate about various genres. Gothic Fictions, YA fictions etc. are not known to me before. Hence, I want these interviews to throw light on various features for all those starters like me, who are completely unaware of the meticulous details of this enchanting book world.