Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths

" Forensic archaeology has become a fashionable sub- section of crime fiction. Elly Griffiths has produced a particularly good variation on this theme....this is a cleverly plotted and extremely interesting first crime novel, highly recommended" Literary Review 

Forensic expert Ruth Galloway is called in to investigate, when a skeleton was unearthed in Norwich. Some builders while demolishing a large house dug out a skeleton underneath its doorway.It was of a child and had no skull. Dr. Ruth Galloway plunged into action. She was a forensic archaeologist.
DCI Harry Nelson had to find out whether it was a cold blooded murder or something that happened many years ago as a part of some ritual as the mansion's history could be traced to the remote past.
The house was once a children's home and while investigating, Harry Nelson found out that there were two children missing who were siblings. The investigation got intense as somebody was also trying to scare Ruth out of her wits. 

My thought

I do not call it a chilling suspense that could send shivers down your spine. But it was a good read and gave a good suspense as I keep on guessing ' Who done it.' I  pinned my hopes on each character that he or she did it. But all my efforts were in vain, which definitely was one feature that made it a good read. The other highlight of the story is the baby of Ruth and Nelson who is yet to be born. It was just an accident and Nelson is a married man and Ruth did not like to be in a relationship. I kept on guessing that a chemistry would soon develop between them. I just kept on guessing and nothing happened. 
This book is the third one in the Ruth Galloway series, the others being ' The Crossing Palace,' 'The house at Seas End.'

I would give 6/4