Friday, April 8, 2011

The Madman's diary by Thom Racina

" Pulse - Pounding excitement winner."
                                                               - Harriet Klausner
" Harrowing...a suspense lover's dream."
                                                      - Romantic Times

 My thought

Judy never thought she could be one of the reason for all the killings that was happening around her. When she realized it, it was too late. She thought that the deaths of her close friends were just a coincidence until she learned the death of her mentor and boss, Norman Lempke,, which made not only Judy apprehensive, but also her dear friends Skeet and Anne. The way he was murdered  offered
enough proof that a lunatic was lurking in the darkness. When it should rear its ugly head was not known to anybody. 
Judy was an architect who lives with her room-mate Skeet. The relationship started when they were quite young, but soon it gave way to a relationship beyond that. They ceased being lovers and became soul mates and their balanced atmosphere takes a twist when Judy's boss was murdered brutally. Death has also occurred to her other friends, but she dismissed it as natural deaths. It was her friend Anne, who was a mystery writer got a hunch for the first time that it was nothing but cold blooded murders.

It is a diary that takes the story and gives us the creeps. There was a Shaman, who believed himself as an Indian was killing people. Who was he ?

  Dear Diary:

Dead, the man who desired her for his own. I will grieve for him, for what I have done, for what I had to do. But this is my duty...