Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nmesis by Agatha Christie

 Agatha Christie has always had her own way of creating a plot. This story starts from nothing and then ensues the real sinister incidents. I loved it all the way. She gives a lot of characters that either you end up judging everyone or you rather stands blinking at them for her characters are not that explicit. That's why I really like reading her.

If I am not wrong, ' Nemesis' is the last of her Marple series. 

Marple is surprised when she gets a letter from Mr. Rafiel, who is dead  a few days back. He is talking about something very vaguely which became rather a nerve racking job for her.Besides it, he has kept a handful amount of money for Jane Marple to undertake this task. What is the task? That is the mystery. Mr. Rafiel's letter does not give her much clue. She is quite certain that something sinister has happened and Mr. Rafiel, who is a just man wants the justice to be done, at the earliest The story really gains momentum when she sets on an expedition that has been arranged by the late Mr. Rafiel. The mystery gets unravelled slowly.

 Robert Weaver in the Toronto Daily Star of December 4, 1971 said, "Christie richly deserves the loyalty offered up to her by devotees of the traditional mystery. She is readable and ingenious, and in Nemesis she has going for her the amateur lady sleuth Miss Jane Marple deep in a murder case as she tries to carry out a request that comes in effect from beyond the grave. Beyond 80 Miss Christie remains unflagging."