Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tami Hoag's STILL WATERS, January 26, 2012

Elizabeth Stuart had a very rough time with her life. After going through a terrible divorce, she decided to settle down, with her son in Still Creeks, a place which was known for its calmness. Elizabeth thought it would be an ideal place to live as she would not be identified by  people. Her divorce with her second husband Stuart had made her life topsy- turvy and she did not want to bring the baggage along with her. But that was what exactly she did, though unintentionally .

In Still Creeks, totally unaffected by the turmoil of the outside world,the natives were leading a mundane life. Elizabeth 's arrival had created a stir as she was not only alien but also they felt that her vibrant nature was a complete mismatch to their mundane world. Besides, her divorce was something she could not gloss over in Still Creek. An anti-neighbourhood and her troubled teen-aged son made her life hell. The story, all of a sudden assumes another dimension when a dead body literally falls at her feet.

Though Sheriff Dane Jantzen, the other predominant character in the story could not believe at the outset that Elizabeth had nothing to do with the murder, he gradually trusts her.

So a murder has happened and somebody should hunt for the murderer and if the murderer has seen any witness the former would hunt the latter. In 'Still Waters'- nothing happened. A body was discovered and Elizabeth literally stumbled on it and there come Sheriff and what really between is the real sexual heat. There are many times I felt I was not reading a suspense but a mills and boon. There was no correlation and the main plot. The introduction of an Amish character always gives the cue to the reader that he is the culprit because of his dubious and suspicious ways.

Honestly, I am not satisfied with my first book of 2012. But I really would like to read her more..