Friday, May 25, 2012

My Passion

' Passion Drops', this blog is my favourite.
This is not my first blog but second. Initially, it was not called passion drops
and was of course not blog that dealt with books. But the link was named as
such. It was called Shalet's creative expressions where I used to post my works
as a copy writer. When I quit that job, I had nothing to post. But I did not want 
to delete it as I have gained some followers. It is too hard to get followers when
 you start a blog and I gained them somehow.I did not want to lose them. This
 made me surf through various blogs and found numerous blogs that dealt 
with one of my passions - Books. I said (one of my passions)as I think there 
are many more unravel by itself.

I knew that I loved books. But what sort of books? Which books would excite me?
I started off with Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew Series. Loved them. Each book made me hungry to read more and more Enid Blyton and Nancy drew stories. Now I am 30. But I still could read those books with same intensity I had when I was 16. For two years, it was them who gave me company. Then I turned to serious books. Though I had the gratification that I was reading serious books.It never excited me. It took many years to realise that I love mystery and suspense.It would not have been possible without this particular blog. Though I chose the name ' Passion Drops' in a hurry, I believe I was not wrong in choosing it.

So I just want to tell that I love this blog.....:D
Since It's about suspense I wanted it to look like one. I kept on changing the backgrounds.
After a long search I think I am satisfied with this one.

DO you like it. Please tell me.