Friday, August 3, 2012

While my pretty one sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark

Since January, I haven't posted a book review. Though I was not too lucky with the book I started, I thought I could break my reader's block by reading a Mary Higgins Clark. Her books always helped me in that regard. Even then, I took several months to finish her book ' While my pretty one sleeps'. There could be two reasons for it. Perhaps, I was suffering from a serious reading block or her book did not inspire me to read at a stretch. Nevertheless, I will always remain her ardent fan.

I am glad that I could complete it and come up with yet another review.

Ethel Lambston, a best selling author who was famous for articles which exposed well known personalities had disappeared all of  a sudden. But nobody was bothered about it but Neeve Kearny from whose boutique Ethel purchased almost all of her costumes. Ethel was living alone. Except a nephew who was a parasite and an ex husband who was tired of paying alimony to her were the only close persons with whom she was in close contact. But neither of them noticed her disappearance.

The real twist in the story comes when Ethel was found with her throat cut which reminded of Neeve's mother's death. Her mother Renata was also killed in the same manner. Her throat was slit. Neeve's father who was an ex commissioner was worried about Neeve as he had a strong intuition that like his wife some one was after his daughter. But as the suspects in his list got eliminated one by one, he brushed aside his fear. But Neeve was not ready to accept that. Her hunch was proved right in the end when the real culprit whom she was very fond of was nabbed for the murder.