Sunday, October 28, 2012

I got an award....:D

Hai blogger buddies,

I am happy to announce 'Absolutely Not Sure' has  nominated my blog  ' passion drops' for the 'Liebster Blog award'. I am on  ' Cloud Nine '...Thanks Ani for nominating me and also congrats for your award.

I am supposed to do this after winning this award.....:D

I need to answer 11 questions, write 11 random things about me, and nominate other bloggers.
Questions and also nominate 5 blogs.

1. What makes you blog?
The answer is simple.I always wanted to write. The world of blog was opened to me at a time when  by one of my friend who is also a wonderful blogger spoke to me about the vast opportuinities for writing. One of my short term goal is to review book.  I am giving reviews
through my blog but not satisfied. Dreaming of those when I can review a by closing my eyes....chuckles

2. Which part of your life inspires you the most?
  Right from the begnning of my life....Not an exagerration but a fact.

3. Who is your favorite author?
      Since I love mysteries, Agatha Christie is all my favourite. I am also a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark . But I love to read all kinds of stories.

4. Which day is most memorable for you?
      Yet to come

5. Which song describes you most?
     I am sorry. I do not have any idea...

6. If given, which will be your last wish?
  If I die before materialising the dream of becoming awriter, I would like to write a book which could bring in accolades and awards. And dance before a packed  audience.

7. What makes you feel blessed?
     That I am always under the wings of God almightly. I am speaking from my experience.

8. Beaches or mountains?
   Beaches of course. But would like to see ' Himalaya'

9. Your favorite item in your closet? sad nothing I cannot live without.    

10. Your most desired birthday gift?
   hmm.....may be a shelf  full of mystery books.

11. Why you loved this award?
  This award means a lot to me. This is my first award for this blog. It came at a time when I was feeling too depressed. I did get an award for my other blog ' Rain Drops'
www.thedoveandthe when I was feeling too low and was too cynical about my writing career. Surprisingly, the award which received  was titled ' Life is Good' award. Surprisingly, my life became more good after that. I hope this award would also bring me luck.

12. 11 random things about me :

Drama Queen :D
Absolute foodie
Love my nose pin.
Loves Jesus and Lord Krishna
Love to Dance which is my passion.
Wearing Mehandi ( Mailanji in Malayalam) in traditional South Indian style...
Do not like reading self help books but always resort to one when I feel low.
Believes that life started changing miraculously when read Shiv Khera's ' You can win' for the first time.
Love to be cooker ( I mean Cook)...But yet to become one.
Here I am nominating 5 blogs for the aforementioned award 
(I was supposed to select 5 blogs. But I am adding one more to it....)
Congratulations to all the winners... I love their blogs....