Saturday, December 29, 2012

Editing and Coming up in a new avatar

2013 is just round the corner...Time for new resolutions and new reading challenges. Sadly, most of my reading challenges remain unaccomplished. I could read only 11 books and my target was 100 books. It was not as I completely lost interest in reading but I got a 24*7 job to attend. (  I am a journalist by profession). But that should not shove off my passion for reading to the back burner. But then I realised that it was not my job alone which is putting hurdles in giving proper inputs in my blog. I sat back and thought for a while.

It has been two years since I started this blog, I still remain a beginner ( as suggested in my blog description) when it comes to book reviews. I did only three interviews of writers, though I got pretty much good response for it.I got the back drop for my blog very recently. It was then only I realised what should my blog contain. Why did I take too much time to realise it? I felt like floating, not able to put my foot firmly in the ground. I felt detached while writing anything in the blog. ( You should be detached while reporting but should not be so when it comes to writing your own blog.

There is only one answer to all these misses. I was emulating other bloggers. I was not giving anything which is my own contribution. When I started this blog on books, I was clueless on getting it started. Hence I went through many blogs. Knowingly or unknowingly I stuck with other bloggers' style. So I am going to undo it and start all over again. ( Background will be retained. I got it after many search and I feel it is perfect for my blog ).

I have embellished the fringes of my blog with a lot of reading challenges which will be removed and only those will be retained which I think I can fulfill.

Agatha Christie, Mary Higgins Clark and Alfred Hitch cock will be retained. They are somebody without whose company I can even survive in this blogging world. There will two new additions.Margaret Atwood, though I have not read any of her books, I feel she is of my type when I leafed through her books. The other addition will be biographies and autobiographies.

I have done three author interviews. But with the same questions asked to different persons, I feel the style a bit monotonous. Hence I am thinking of writing them as feature stories. But interviews will be there. Besides I will be trying to bring in more Indian English writers.

There will be an attempt to read classics but will not participate in any of the challenges.

Though I have not reviewed any movies, this year my blog will also see some nice movie reviews. ( Alfred Hitchcock movies tops the list ). Long and short, ' Passion drops' will strive to meet the expectations of 2013.

I pledge efforts will be there to cull out previous flaws and come out with fresh new contributions.