Friday, March 8, 2013

The Night Walker ( Nightmare hall series) by Diana Hoh

Quinn Hadley is a sleep walker. She has done it twice when she came to the Salem university. Nobody except her  roomie knows about it. But things takes a bad turn when  someone wreaks havoc in the university, sometimes by exploding a stinking bomb and  by attacking the couples at other times. The attacking episodes seemed no end. Quinn Hadley was apprehensive by the sudden turn of events, but her apprehensions turns into nightmares when every evidences points that the culprit is nobody but her. Looking at the evidences piled up in front of her, Quinn also doubts that whether her sleep walking is the real cause of all those recurring unfortunate incidents in the university. But a fleeting  thought that somebody is taking advantage of her ' sleep walking ' and making her a pawn did not leave her sleep without investigating into the root cause of everything.

 It is an easy read and I enjoyed it as I used to enjoy Nancy Drew series. There was suspense and mystery element and at times  you would feel that you are quite close to the vandal, but you miss him/ her. Though Diane Hoh do drop some clues here and there did not give away the culprit until the right time.

Long and short, a good and a smooth read....I enjoyed it.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Ditching my interests

I was ditching my interests for several months. I love mysteries, thrillers and also feel good kind of books. I could deeply immerse myself in them once I start reading. If I was too much fascinated by any books while reading it, the feeling, emotions, ambiance and lots of other things linger in my heart though years have gone by. I might forget the name of the book and sometimes author's too but the backdrops, the face you gave to any particular character would not fade away. The locale maybe miles apart, but I could feel its pulses. ( I am living in India ) Since I mostly read books of American and British authors, it is the locales in these two countries I feel close to than any parts of my country.

Since I wanted to put me in a list of intelligent people who read intelligent kind of stuff, I started going for books which is the exactly the opposite of my taste. Consequences – That fun part and a sense of  satisfaction you get after or while reading books were missing. Hence I bought some books and took one from the public library hoping that I would be back soon on my adventure.

These were some of it that I got hold of :

Under the Durret by Marian Keynes

The Keys to the secret by Ruth Rendell

Nightmare Hall, The Night Walker by Diane Hoh

Dragonmede by Rona Randall

Narnia by C S Lewis ( unabridged version – 7 books)

Hope it would revive those my interests which I conveniently shoved off to the back burner.