Friday, May 17, 2013

The Sky is falling - Sydney Sheldon

After a considerable gap, I have read a Sydney Sheldon's book, The sky is falling. It was Sydney Sheldon with whom I got acquainted with when I first ushered into the realm of mysteries and thrillers. Years have gone and I have read so may thrillers and mysteries. But Sydney's craft always allured me. After these long years, I still feel the same. When I was reading ' The sky is falling', I felt like I could even have a wink of sleep before knowing what would be ' Dana Evans', next step. It was as if Dana was leading the way. The reading becomes enjoyable when you start moving along with the characters. There exist no barriers.  The long wall that separates the reader and the reading no longer exists. You go along with that character wherever he or she goes. That's what it happened with Sydney.  I have been to London, Rome, Russia........When I started reading him ( 10 years back), there were many who constantly asked me ' still in Sydney Sheldon's books. It's high time you moved on. After such long years, I am shouting out ' I am still with him and he is one of the best'.

'Dana Evans', the young and vibrant television anchor was back from Sarajevo after her war reporting. The twist in the tale comes as Gary Winthrop, the last in the Winthrop was family was murdered by some art  stealers. It was just a few days before Dana interviewed Gary Winthrop in her television show. But in peculiar circumstances, Dana founds out that it was not only Gary but Winthrops were obliterated from the earth. The book will slowly unravels how she was playing with danger, unknowingly.