Friday, August 30, 2013

You belong to me - Mary Higgins Clark

I do not have any regret that I have joined Mary Higgins Clark reading contest.

'Unputdownable until you finish it'.

You belong to me was a usual MHC book. But the writing was not winding but straight and stellar that you could put it down only after finishing it.

The story is about a killer who stalks beautiful and lone women and murder them.  The killings remained subdued until Dr. Susan Chandler, an assistant district attorney turned psychologist churns it out through her popular radio show ' Ask Susan'. She invites Dr. Donald Richards, another psychiatrist  to her talk show to discuss about his book ' Vanishing women' and the safety issues encountered by lonesome women. In the process, she discusses about Regina Clausen who had vanished mysteriously about three years ago. Thus ensues many other killings.

When you thoroughly scrutinizes the book, it offeres nothing new. One of the criticism I came across this book was that MHC was interested in successful women who undertake rich cruises, falls for rich men.  Absolutely true regarding  this book. But what matters finally is  whether you have enjoyed the process of reading. If you think that you have wasted your three and half hours, then it is a sheer waste of time. But for me, it was the other way round. It was an easy read and enjoyed it.
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