Monday, September 8, 2014

Homeport - Nora Roberts

My first Nora Roberts' book and I started off with much anticipations. However, it failed me absolutely. It may sound incredible that I literally took 2 years to complete this book. I would go through some of the pages, finding that it was not going to reach anywhere, I would close it down. This exercise went on for two years. Though with a fragile story line , the characters Ryan Boldari, the art thief and Dr Miranda Jones lingered in my mind. It always coaxed me to complete it. Eventually, I did it around two weeks ago.

To talk about the storyline, the plot is nothing unique - Robbery, associated murders and then the culprits. An art robbery takes place right under the nose of Miranda. The story moves ahead when an art thief Ryan Boldari join hands with Dr Jones to retrieve the stolen pieces and finally solving the murders.

From many reviews I read on this book, there are many who still could not believe that a Nora Roberts' book could fail them completely. One reader kept on looking at the cover page to convince her that she was in fact reading a Nora Robert.

Though not an easy time reading it, I still could not believe that I am not reluctant to go for yet another Nora Roberts book.