Sunday, November 30, 2014

Remember Me - Mary Higgins Clark

Book: Remember Me
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publication date: 1994

When you are so entangled in mundane things and frivolous animosities, it is always good to read something which can take you to a different world, severing all the ties here. No doubt, Mary Higgins Clark often took me to a different world. Besides, Clark has always given me a 'Christmas feeling'. Maybe because I always start reading her when Christmas is round the corner.

So, to talk about the book ' Remember Me' – I loved it. The plot was quite simple but you get the real chill when you reach the last pages. After the death of their son, Bobby, Menley's and Adam's marriage begins to fall apart. But the knowledge that Menley was pregnant again gave them another chance to wedge the gap that distanced them. Despite, all the ruckus that caused in their lives due to the death of their son, their love for each other was something they could not ignore.

Menley was having post traumatic attacks after Bobby's death.  After the birth of Hannah, their daughter, they decided to take a break from the daily routine and shift to Cape Cod for a month where Adam grew up. But Adam had to take a few trips to New York for a client, Scott Covey, husband of Vivian Carpenter who died a few days ago in Cape.

Detective Nat Coogan was on a trail and he strongly suspected that Scott Killed his wife.  In Cape, Menley and Adam were living in a house which was named ' Remember House'. Menley was a writer for a Travel magazine and also a well-established children's book writer. When she realised that Remember House which was built in the 17th century had a story to tell, she decided to make it as the backdrop for her next story. It was Adams' childhood friend Elaine who gave them the ' Remember House' for rent thinking that perhaps the couple would buy it in future. 

Soon, some strange things started happening in the house. There were times Menley felt her late son Bobby was calling out to her. The strange incidents were too intense that she began to doubt her sanity and start seeking explanations for the strange incidents happening right under her nose.

 There were times when one tend to feel the involvement of super natural elements. Many a time I even actually got butterflies in the stomach. 

Long and short, I loved it....

by Shalet Jimmy