Monday, February 23, 2015

Anita Desai and Jhumpa Lahiri

I have entered names of two more authors for the Reading challenge ( Not for the general reading challenge 2015). There is no stipulated period to complete the challenge. The reading challenge consists of Anita Desai and Jhumpa Lahiri's books. To be frank, I have already completed Jhumpa Lahiri's books. I entered her name as I did not want to miss my favourite author's presence in my book blog. Regarding Anita Desai's books,  I have started off with ' Fire on the mountain'.  I am so captivated by her style of writing that I am sure I would love her books, the way it was with Lahiri's . The two other authors, I have entered earlier were Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. I believe I am progressing with their books.
Agatha - 9 books and Clark - 12