Thursday, April 30, 2015

Going to read ' Gone Girl'. This is my first Gillian Flynn book. I was thinking of getting acquainted with a new crime writer every month. I, of course started it with ' Harlan Coben'. But as I got a transfer to other city and could not take many books with me. 'Harlan Coben' is safe in my own home in the other city. I will finish it, once I get back there. Now I have' Gone Girl' with me. I read great reviews about it, online. Hence, I thought I would go for it. Let's see how many days, I will take to complete it.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Make No mistake – Nancy Drew series- Case No 56

I read Nancy Drew after along time. I never thought I could relish it just the way I had done about 12 years ago. Why I went for a Nancy Drew? I got a transfer to a new city and was trying my level best to cope with it. And I was not in a situation to go for a book which is heavy. Mary Higgins Clark would have broken my reading block. But I could not get hold of her book that fast here and did not have any in my collection which I have not read. For a change, I thought, I would go for Mills and Boons. I bought one and there, when I chanced upon a Nancy Drew, I just grabbed it. 

Nut shell

Matt Glover who disappeared some years ago returned to River Heights.  He said he had amnesia and memory returned when he saw his father's obituary in a paper. This aroused suspicion in many. At the same time, there was nothing which could prove that the one who turned up was an imposter. But Nancy could not just take in that one fine morning Matt returned. At the same time, there were many external elements which also seemed like wanting to obliterate Matt. Because if he did not return, there were many organisations which could be privileged by Matt's father's money. So his will states. For Nancy, the case becomes a hard nut to crack when Matt passed a lie -detector test.

My comment

I just loved it. Maybe because, I just cannot hate Nancy Drew.