Sunday, June 12, 2016

A cry in the night - Mary Higgins Clark

Book: A Cry in the night
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Publication Date: 1982

This is my 20th book of Mary Higgins Clark, my favourite author. 20 more to go. 

 Jenny met Erich during one of his exhibitions. He was a renowned painter. And that tryst changed her life forever. Before meeting him, she was a single mother who was struggling hard to make both ends meet. Her two daughters were her world. Though divorced, she was also shelling out money to her ex-husband Kevin, who was dreaming of making it big in acting.  

Clark’s simple way of putting things has always helped me to walk with the characters and this time too, it is not different. Jenny got married to Erich in a hurry thinking that she had finally found the right man. What allured Erich to Jenny was her uncanny resemblance to his mother, Catherine. But was he her right man?

Things started going awry when she moved with him to his big mansion in Minnesota farm. Her happiness was short-lived. It all started with Erich insisting Jenny wear Catherine’s gown which is aqua green in colour. After that, a series of incidents happened one by one which started straining Jenny’s sanity. Was she losing it?

The end was not unexpected. But what caught my attention was the way Clark delved into the psyche of Jenny. When each time she shuddered at various happenings in the mansion, I too shuddered. Mary Higgins Clark's daughter Carol Higgins Clark played Jenny in a movie that was made based on this novel

I would give 4 stars for the book.

- by Shalet Jimmy