Hi friends,
I am Shalet Jimmy from India. When I started this blog in 2010, I was new to writing and blogging world. The sole intention was to be a book reviewer since I loved books. The years passed by, I started reading and reviewing books.  I garnered support from a lot of blogger buddies. It helped me to go ahead with this blog. Professional life changed and I got into journalism. It was just the sheer love of books that made me take up book reviews for the national daily I was working with despite my hectic schedule as a hard news reporter.
Now, I am back in the world of books and book reviewing. I have taken a break after spending 5 years in journalism. I am all set to review books for others and stuff my library with all the mystery and suspense thrillers.
If you need your books to be reviewed you can contact me at
Please note: I don’t accept pdf files or e-book. Only books, that I can keep in my library :)

I also interview authors, book reviewers and bloggers. If you want to be featured on this blog, don't hesitate to shoot a mail to the above mentioned address. :)

Happy 2017