MARY HIGGINS CLARK Books Reading Challenge

Why Mary Higgins Clark books' Reading Challenge?

Mary Higgins Clark

I started reading when I was 16 years old. Over the years, I have read many thrillers. As usual, I had read and forgotten many of their plots and sometimes, even their titles. But there was one time that stuck in my mind - Mary Higgins Clark.

It was after several years, I realised that my cup of tea had always been the crime noir and suspense thriller. It was one of her interviews which made me realise that if ever I write a book, it should be a mystery fiction or a suspense thriller. She said " Look at your shelf and see the kind of books it has. Those are the kind of books you want to write someday."

Besides, it gave me a strange sense of happiness whenever I read her. I always felt like I was there where the story was happening and I was just accompanying her characters.

Moreover, if ever I experience a reader's block, I could come out of it easily with a Mary Higgins Clark Book. So I thought of indulging in a Mary Higgins Clark book reading challenge.

 So far, I have read 24 books. Since my focus had been on reading her books, I have not reviewed many of them. Hence, I will be reviewing her books. That will give me a chance to re-read again.


Welcome to my World of MHC thrillers...
  1. All Through the Night - 1998
  2. The Cinderella Murder - Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke - 2014
  3. Daddy's Little Girl by MARY HIGGINS CLARK - 2002
  4. While My Pretty One Sleeps - Mary Higgins Clark - 1989
  5. The Second Time Around - 2003
  6. You belong to Me - 1998
  7. Remember Me 1994
  8. A Cry in the night - 1982